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We carry out your care with top-of-the-range natural cosmetic products which respect your skin and sublimate it.


Conventional skin care mainly treats skin types, with our products: we treat your skin, its needs in real time: CMJ treats the current priority of your skin.

Our brands offer make-up removers, exfoliating cleansers...

CMJ Health Care & Beauty carries out your care with NATURAL high-end products:

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Lycon is a unique composition of low-temperature waxes. LYCON is so effective that it can pull out hairs as little as 1 mm!

It is the best wax for short and difficult hair.

Soothing essential oils have been specially incorporated into the LYCON waxes. Your skin, even very fragile, will be soft, smooth and perfectly depilated. You will appreciate its low temperature for greater comfort during treatment. You will also be surprised not to experience any discomfort or irritation during or after hair removal!


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The line COSMIX

Pandhy's s™ line CosMix is a new approach to skin care.

The idea behind the concept is that we are all unique, and also our skin, and therefore also the care needs and expectations for our skin.

Conventional skin care deals mainly with skin types, CosMix - your mix - your beauty treats the client, deals with the needs in real time, and recognizes the current priority of customers.

Our approach is that the skin lives and changes constantly, interacts with the environment, is influenced by climate and surrounding conditions, sleep quality, nutrition, state of mind, stress, emotions and many others.

As always with Pandhy's™ each element of the line CosMix is manufactured separately with scientific precision and inventive ingenuity.

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Dermalogica focuses on improving skin to make it as healthy and beautiful as possible for everyone. Neither aesthetics nor pretty packaging are the focus, but the development of new effective formulas and the achievement of results. According to Jane wurwand (Professional Skin Expert and Founder of Dermalogica), Dermalogica is only as successful as the results with customers are satisfactory. It is this philosophy that the company Dermalogica pursues and will continue to practice in the future.

Discover what the first choice of professionals can mean for your skin! Get to know Dermalogica and enjoy healthier skin than ever before!

High-end products

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Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid

The natural repair of skin cells is directly dependent on hyaluronic acid levels which, unfortunately, decline with age. With age, the skin becomes more sensitive to toxins as hyaluronic acid levels decline. This is why it is so important to include Hyaluronic Acid in anti-aging formulas.

CLINICCARE® is a range of high technology cosmeceuticals with immediate and visible effects, the Organic Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin thanks to its ability to retain moisture; up to 1000 times its weight.

CLINICCARE® care products are intended for professional use and are only available in medical clinics, beauty salons and spas.

CLINICCARE® products are adapted to the most delicate skin types and are at the forefront of innovation. Its new generation ranges provide targeted and personalized care.

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