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Say goodbye to your unsightly hair without suffering: men, women, all skin colors, all seasons.

hair removal

Definition Hair removal

Hair removal consists of removing, temporarily or permanently, hair from male or female human skin. It can concern all parts of the body, from the most visible (face, legs, arms, etc.) to the most intimate (pubic hair, etc.).

Hair removal is done using tweezers, depilatory creams ... or a process that works with laser or IPL (for permanent hair removal).


There are 3 recognized methods to make your hair disappear over the long term: electrolysis, pulsed light and laser.

The Hair

Hair is a dander (a hard keratin filament), it is found on many areas of the human body except for the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, sides of the fingers, penis and clitoris). Hair production is most abundant at puberty, where it develops mainly on the legs, pubis, arms, face, nose... Hair is made up of melanocytes and keratin. Its colour, consistency and abundance depend mainly on sex and heredity.

The Pilar Cycle

The hair follicle has intermittent activity. In hair growth, there are 3 successive phases:

    1. The Anagen phase or growth phase: The hair, nourished by the dermal papilla, grows longer, it is not yet visible outside. This is the longest period of the hair cycle (three years on average for hair).

    2. The Catagen phase or regression phase: This phase begins when the hair follicle has finished growing: the hair is fully grown and detaches itself from its nourishing base, it will gradually withdraw from the root of the hair follicle to eventually fall out. (This phase lasts about three weeks for the hair).

    3. The Telogen phase or phase of the elimination of the old hair: In this phase, the hair no longer grows, but remains attached to the hair follicle. At the end of this phase, the old hair falls out and gives way to a new hair follicle in the anagen phase, the hair cycle can start again (this phase can last three months for the hair).

Hairs in the anagen phase are the targets for permanent hair removal. Approximately 20% of the hair is destroyed at each session.

CMJ Health Care & Beauty offers you two types of permanent hair removal:

CMJ permanent hair removal legs all skin types laser ipl diode 2

IPL Hair Removal

IPL involves the use of a broad but controlled light spectrum to delay hair growth, but also to treat stretch marks, acne scars...for smooth, even, soft and silky skin.

CMJ permanent hair removal legs all skin types laser ipl diode 2

Laser hair removal

The laser provides a single band of light color to target a specific area and condition: the laser light is directed at the hair follicles, the light energy is converted into heat which destroys the hair follicle: hair removal is permanent.

We guarantee you painless permanent hair removal using an innovative method of hair removal using diode laser and pulsed light. Our devices are suitable for all skin colours.

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