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Say goodbye to your unsightly hair without suffering: men, women, all skin colors, all seasons.

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Are you tired of shaving, waxing, electric shaving, waxing...?
Do you have ingrown hairs or acne and inflammation from shaving, ...?

Do you want soft, smooth and silky skin all year round and wonder if this technology is right for your hair and skin?

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NB: While this advanced method requires some financial investment at the outset, it has many advantages in the short and long term).

Benefits on the skin

During the course of the sessions, laser hair removal is the method par excellence to keep the skin soft and smooth. The sensation of comfort it provides in the long term is incomparable. No longer attacked by various mechanical or chemical methods (razor, wax, electric depilator or depilatory cream), the skin is more than ever able to maintain its suppleness and natural hydration. And rough regrowth is now a thing of the past.

With the laser, you will always be able to put on a dress or a swimsuit without having to ask yourself whether or not you have had the opportunity to remove your hair...


Money saving in the long run

Even if laser hair removal sessions seem somewhat expensive, they still save you money compared to waxing, for example, in the long run.

Waxing is a temporary depilation that always has to be repeated and for which you will have to pay throughout your life. In the end, it will cost more than 8 to 12 laser sessions. As for electrolysis, or IPL, the only other definitive method, it requires many more sessions than laser.

In short, with all its advantages, we can say that, yes, permanent laser hair removal is a profitable and profitable investment.


WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM Diode Laser Hair Removal?

Permanent hair removal is for everyone, men and women, who wants to get rid of their hairiness in a persistent manner.

The diode laser is versatile enough for all skin phototypes (by adapting the pulse time). With pulse time adaptation, one can treat from fair to dark skin.


The number of sessions varies according to the area:

A distinction must be made between hormone-dependent areas (face, mouth, breasts, chest) and non-hormone-dependent areas (legs, bikini line, armpits).

In the first situation the number of sessions will be higher. There will be a regrowth due to regular hormonal stimulation throughout life, maintenance sessions will therefore be necessary.

In the second case, 4 to 6 sessions will generally be sufficient and the hair removal will be of very long duration, if not definitive.

With men the situation is more complex due to the depth of the hair and hormonal stimulation, making complete and definitive laser hair removal difficult. On the other hand, the use of a Laser Diode allows a good quality of depilation (much less and finer hair), which is the result generally sought.


A laser treatment destroys, as it were, a generation of hair bulbs. It is therefore necessary to wait for a new group of hairs to reach the growth phase before considering a new session. However, this time varies greatly depending on the region, much faster on the face and slower on the limbs. Therefore, an interval of 4 to 8 weeks between laser treatments is preferable. 


All areas of the body are affected, including: face, back, torso...


The principle of operation of the laser is based on the reaction of photothermolysis (destruction of the melanin in the hair by the heat of the light). 

Once lasered, the hair will need 2 or 3 weeks to come out and fall out on its own (when rubbed lightly or in the shower...).

The side effects

Most side effects are mild. The most problematic side effect is burning, which may be followed by depigmentation or hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Redness on the skin most often occurs immediately after treatment and disappears quickly. A micro erythema-edema encircles the hair follicle which is completely normal and testifies to the effectiveness of the session. These effects disappear within a few hours.


  • Persons who have undergone treatment with roacutane in the last 3 months
  • Pregnant women
  • People receiving UVB treatment for psoriasis or vitiligo
  • People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment
  • People whose face has undergone a glicolic acid peel in the last 3 months
  • People whose face has undergone a phenol peel in the last 12 months
  • Prepubescent children/teenagers
  • People taking photosensitizing medication


  • Shaving the hair to facilitate the concentration (without loss) of energy at the base of the follicle.
  • Respecting a strategic spacing between sessions to try to obtain a maximum of hair growth when the laser is applied to the skin
  • By not using tweezers, wax or depilatory cream at least 3 to 4 weeks before the laser session
  • Respect the treatment schedule and the spacing between the recommended sessions, so as to reach all the hairs in the growth phase
  • By not bleaching through the hair

For men

The demand for laser hair removal for men is growing, whether for the reduction of excessive hair or its complete eradication. All areas - except around the eye - are treatable, even the intimate parts.

In general, men have more hair than women because they are under the influence of a hormone: testosterone, which stimulates hair growth. It will take - depending on the area - on average two extra sessions than in women. On the back and beard, a very small proportion of very fine hair (down) may remain.

However, it is important to know that hairs on mucous membranes require more sessions than on the rest of the body.
The diode laser is the most efficient permanent hair removal method on the market today.

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